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Sincera Speaks

Fertility care can at times feel full of uncertainty. Our specialists are pleased to partner with you on your reproductive journey, providing you with education and support along the way. Sincera Speaks is a space for our providers to share information and knowledge that can help you feel confident in both the care you receive and the choices you make during this important time.

IVF Lab Safety


Lab safety is a crucial part of being a reputable IVF center. At Sincera Reproductive Medicine, we have several procedures in place to ensure the safety of both eggs and embryos. We sat down with Sincera’s IVF lab director, Kevin Lambrese, to review what measures are in place, and to answer all of...

6 Essential Tips For IVF Success

Infertility, IVF

Making the decision to begin an In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment cycle can be an important step on your path to parenthood. IVF is one of the most popular treatments available in fertility today, and offers many additional technologies like embryo genetic testing, which continue to boost...

Putting Trust In A Practice That Cares: Tara and Lynne’s Story

Infertility, IVF

Finding An Inclusive Environment For Tara and Lynne, like many same-sex couples, finding a fertility group that offered an inclusive, welcoming environment was incredibly important. Eager to build their family, they contacted Sincera Reproductive Medicine, after receiving a trusted recommendation...

The Power of A Second Opinion: Jayna’s Story

Pregnancy, Infertility, IVF

For many couples, the path to parenthood can feel like a lifetime when you’re having trouble conceiving. The emotional ups and downs and physical demands can take a serious toll on both partners. For Jayna and her husband, their fertility journey began fifteen years ago. Before turning to Sincera...